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You started a business to make money, but…

If you’re like me, you also started a business to help others and feel good about the work you do.

But if you want to help people, first you’ve got to reach them and show them how you can help.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Lindsey Hayward, a direct response marketing expert who specializes in copywriting. 

In just 3 steps, we can turn your business into a money-making machine…

Step 1: Identify the best marketing strategy for your business goals.

You might have a website (and it’s probably prettier than this one), but are you running ads optimized for your specific audience?

Where do those ads go, and are you offering the best next step? Then what?

How are you making sure you’re growing your email list and building trust with your audience?


A poor marketing strategy is about as helpful as a concrete parachute…

So let’s start by making sure you’ve got a solid plan that’s bringing in more sales.

Step 2: Put your marketing strategy on steroids with great copy.

Even the most brilliant marketing plan is just a plan without great copywriting to put it into action.

Your funnel could be amazeballs in theory, but if the copy’s flat, it won’t do you much good.

From your lead-generating ads, to your opt ins, email onboarding sequence, sales pages, launches, and more…

Strong copy turns people who have never even heard of you into loyal customers. 

Step 3: Analyze, optimize, and watch your bank account grow.

I gotta admit — I’m a little obsessed with metrics.

Numbers don’t lie, and I love that they give clients a way to see ROI right out of the gate.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing how good marketing strategy married to great copy totally transforms a client’s business. 

That’s what I call fulfilling.

I know the more I help you, the more you can help others. It’s like a magical, positive-impact party all around.

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Your privacy is important to me, and I’ll never sell your info (even if someone tries to bribe me with an adorable kitten).